The Resistant Farmers is a series of portraits set in agricultural fields during full moon nights.

The moon is the backstage, you feel it in the shimmering eyes, in the reflex which enchants the landscape.The moon reveals the faces; faces of fatigue and resilience which exude love.Love for the land, their land, our land, our Mother Land.

They are soldiers on the front line, they fight in small and pure pieces of land, which shine in the darkness of the The Smoky Land, an area of 30.000mq between Napoli and Caserta (in the South of Italy), where any kind of waste, especially toxic waste from all Europe is concealed below its plate.

It is the intimate pride which clashes with the public shame. It is the audacity which wins on the rampant toxicity which has caused several dead people in the years in the Neapolitan hinterland.It is the strength of the memory, the one acclaimed by Campania Felix, together with the desire of contemporary ransom.Natural agriculture is their weapon. Integrated, bio, without chemistry, without herbicides and pesticides.

It is a project which sees them working together but alone, supportive in their ethical intent, loyal to the indigenous tradition to preserve biodiversity, they exclusively cultivate local products.Far from the  production chain, they stick to 0KM initiatives, street market and fairs, network Slow Food. It is a double commitment which comes into a gift to protect the hearth, but especially to offer healthy food to the entire community; double commitment under the social perspective, immense commitment in the spirit, still very limited in the common ideology.

It is indeed an almost invisible but strong wire, who joins farmers and producers, with consumers, with the high purpose to preserve man and nature.It is a great job of civil and environment solidarity.It is an intensive and silent humanistic revolution.It is, in my photography project, the moon shine shine which crowns life between work and dream.

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